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Be curious and see where it takes you.  This is my guiding force. I look to find serendipity, openness and joy in painting.  No matter the medium, I focus on the play of colors and spatial relationships, trying to balance the details with broad strokes. 


While my work is usually, not always, non-representational, it frequently evokes the sense of the city and water that is San Francisco. Sometimes I draw inspiration from letters or words, often the initials of people close to me. 


I am influenced by Agnes Martin for her minimalism and meditative vision, Alice Neel for her honesty and boldness, Richard Diebenkorn for his abstraction and color, Rothko for his color blocking, and so many others. I recently started working with fabrics, playing with colors and patterns.


I returned to painting after retiring, have participated in multiple group shows and have sold a number of works. This site strives to give the visitor examples of the variety of my work without providing an exhaustive inventory. 



 For inquiries, please contact me here.


Thank you,


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